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Group of Companies CARAV-HK presents the car accessories brand CARAV for the installation of automotive head units: 1-DIN / 2-DIN Facia, ISO-adapter, Antenna adapters, Steering Wheel Control Interfaces, Tools and other parts in HK market. The product range includes more than 1000 models in ready stock. CARAV use only quality materials with 100% final inspection.

Individual approach. Marketing policy of the company includes various forms of work with wholesale and retail companies, car dealers and installation centers. Attentive and sensitive to the needs and requirements of any partner, regardless of the region and the volume of purchases allows us not only to maintain a stable relationship, but also constantly expanding customer's net.

Flexible pricing policy allows all participants to the dealer network to have a stable and profitable business while working with our products. Taking into account all aspects and conditions of each partner separately.

Technical support. Specialists Technical Department will provide detailed information on any matter relating to the installation and operation of products, always ready to share the intricacies of installation systems and help avoid errors when connecting.

Warranty and after sales service. The company conducts mandatory inspection, warranty and post-warranty service of our products.

Logistics. To plan and implement timely delivery of goods to regions of HK are working daily transportation departments, so the company's partners receive the ordered quantity of products in time always.

The company's strategy is to meet the buyer's quality and capabilities of our products to a stable and mutually beneficial relationships with its partners.

       We are pleased to offer you our products and look forward to a fruitful partnership that will bring your company a handsome profit and grateful clients.

          Sincerely, Group of Companies CARAV-HK